p h i l r o u g e

is a concept
without deadline,
a realisation,
a never ending thinking…
year after year our experience will lead us closer to nirvana,
once (aliquando) our creativity will reach our dream…
Thanks to you and to all the people who support my activity.
Have a nice time and I hope to see you back here soon…



I certanly get a buzz from shooting landscapes, still lives and other subjects, but nothing comes close to the excitement and enjoyement of taking portraits.
A portrait, a moment of visual communication between the person and the photographer
A portrait, a moment of mutual complicity between the mind and my desire
A portrait, a moment of unification between the soul and my determination
A portrait, a moment of trust between the target and the voyeur
An instant of maybe 1/125 sec a moment that never will be repeat


Hi, i’m Philippe and i live in Belgium.
I’d love to hear from you if you have any comments, suggestions, ideas or criticism.
As you can see i do many portrait. So you can still contact me for modelbook work.
As a active photographer, I am on the road a lot and therefore do not always have time reply immediately.
I prioritize project related emails over the rest of the emails in my inbox but I do my very best to reply to everyone.

Philippe Vermeiren

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